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Bid Specialists is headquartered in the UK (London) but operates in the United States, Canada, EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Global reach, local professionals
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About Us

Formally established in 2024 and headquartered in the heart of the City of London, Bid Specialists help companies secure private and public sector contracts by providing world-class talent and specialised industry expertise.

Our client-centric and personalised approach is enhanced by our innovative hiring platform, sector-specific knowledge, best practices, and cutting-edge technology and AI tools. These innovations deliver significant value, cost savings, and efficiencies to our clients.

Why Bid Specialists

Why you should partner with us

  • Top talent: tap into our pre-screened talent ready to be hired on a permanent or freelance basis.
  • Reduce cost to hire: save up to 50% in recruitment fees (versus traditional recruitment agencies).
  • Reduce time to hire: find and hire exceptional talent in just a few days/weeks rather than months.
  • Personalised service: our client-centric and people-focused approach help us deliver a truly outstanding customer experience.
  • Sector specialists: you'll work with our sector-specific Bidding and Talent Specialists with a wealth of experience.

The core roles you can hire on a permanent or freelance basis include:

Bid Managers, Proposal Managers, Bid Writers, Bid Specialists, Bid Directors, Proposal Specialists, Bid Co-ordinators, Business Development Managers, Capture Managers, Sales Directors, Sales Leads, Sales Managers, Account Managers, Account Directors, Pricing Specialists, Solution Architects, Bid Assistants, Bid Support, Sales Support, Graphic Designers, Pre-Sales, and more disciplines related to winning business through bids, tenders and contracts.

What We Do

HIRE the best talent in Bids, Proposals and Capture.
WIN new and retain existing contracts (private and public sector).
GROW their business at scale and speed.
To become the world's #1 partner of choice for hiring top Bidding Professionals and helping companies win private and public sector contracts
Company values

Act with Integrity

We operate with integrity, honesty and transparency at the forefront of all our dealings and engagements.


Build Trusted Partnerships

We leverage an ecosystem partnership approach to maximise value and outcomes for our clients.


Focus on Value Creation

We genuinely listen and understand our clients’ needs and deliver immediate impact, social and commercial value.


Transform People's lives

We are committed to helping professionals to maximise their potential, get a better job and build a successful career.


Superior Customer Experience

Professionalism, a client-centric approach and people-first attitude define how we provide a superior customer experience.


Empower Better Wellbeing

We champion a better work-life balance, increased motivation, satisfaction and happiness between bid teams.

Industries of Expertise

We work with small, medium sized and large enterprises operating within various industries,

Digital, Data & Technology Digital, Data & Technology
Civil Engineering Civil Engineering
Professional Services Professional Services
Construction Construction
Legal sector Legal Sector

Strategic Partnerships