About Bid Specialists

We are a professional services firm specialising in helping organisations win private and public sector contracts, tenders, bids, proposals, and pursuits. We do this by transforming our clients’ winning business capabilities, solving challenges today to create sustainable growth and resilience for tomorrow.
As a trusted strategic partner, we help clients to leverage the best of people, industry expertise and cutting-edge technology for winning business at scale. Bid Specialists is headquartered in London but operates in the USA, Canada, EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), Asia-Pacific and South America.

Our Core Services


Bid Specialists_Resourcing

Sales support, bid, proposal and capture specialists

Bid Specialists is built for employers or internal recruiters seeking to fill a vacancy, without the need of a traditional recruitment agency. We’re the go-to firm for hiring sector specific resources who are specialists in winning business via tenders, bids, proposals and pursuits..



Bid Specialists_Consulting

Transforming our clients' winning business operations

We specialise in helping organisations to develop and execute business growth strategies, sales capture tactics, technology, and business intelligence to transform their sales support, bid, proposal and business development operations into a culture of high-performance.



Bid Specialists_Insights

Market intelligence to stay ahead of the competition

Bid Specialists' in-house team combined with our strategic market intelligence partners can provide organisations with the most relevant and up-to-date industry insights, reports and intelligence to make better, more informed decisions.

Core Values

Trust and Integrity

Trusted Partnership

We operate with trust, honesty and transparency at the forefront of all our dealings and engagements.
Speed and Quality

Best People

We are committed to recruiting the best personnel - resources with the right skills, experience, cultural fit and behaviour.
Innovation and technology


We continually seek out new ways of working and improvement of our services and cost optimisation to  unlock opportunities for our clients.
Immediate and long-term value

Value and Outcomes

We genuinely listen and understand our clients’ requirements and expectations - we truly deliver the agreed value and outcomes.
Collaboration - One Team Approach

One Team Approach

We work closely with our clients, partners and stakeholders to leverage the best capabilities and industry expertise to achieve great results.
Brilliant customer experience

Customer Experience

We listen, understand and are always committed to delivering the best possible service and customer experience in all our work engagements.