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We specialise in transforming our clients Sales Support, Bids and Proposal Management operations through the implementation of our IWBP – a new approach to unlocking value and opportunities for business growth at scale whilst improving productivity, efficiency and cost-savings.

Winning Business Intelligence Platform™ - What is it?

An integrated end-to-end Winning Business Platform that leverages the best people in the bid industry, methodologies, emerging technologies and intelligent tools to enable organisations win more deals and accelerate sustainable business growth at scale.
It's designed to make sales support, bid and proposal management a truly productive, enjoyable and rewarding experience for both bid professionals and organisations.


Quick Highlights



Build an operating model and organisational structure that is future proof, scalable, and flexible enough to continually deliver the vision, value, and outcomes. At this stage, we ensure you have the right people, systems, processes, and tools in place.



Build an organisational structure that is future proof, scalable and flexible enough to continually deliver value and disruptive outcomes. At this stage, we ensure you have the right people, systems, processes and tools in place.


Win Strategy

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RFI/PQQ/RFP Proposal Development

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Closing the Deal

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Value Realisation

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Benefits to our Clients

Scalable and Flexible

The platform can be implemented end-to-end or scale-up/down by stages in line of the customer needs, requirements and budget. It’s suitable for large, medium and small enterprises.

Speed and Quality

Rapid turn-around with high quality responses to RFIs/ PQQs/RFPs. Allows winning and retaining business with less effort, time and resources.

Value & Cost Savings

Reduced cost of bidding whilst increasing win rates. Robust controls for immediate and long-term value realisation.

Future proof Platform

The IBMP methodology platform incorporates a set of best practices, latest technology and AI, analytics, tools and templates design to serve the needs of our current and future clients.

Compliance & Governance

Our Platform ensures full compliance with GDP, privacy rules and government regulations whilst enabling strict compliance with internal company approvals, governance and policies.

Better Well-Being

Achieve better work-life balance, increase motivation, satisfaction and happiness between bid teams.
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