Bid Specialists launch the Winning Business Intelligence Platform™

  • By Jessica Hart
  • March 15, 2021

London, UK: As part of their consulting arm, Bid Specialists have launched the Winning Business Intelligence Platform - built to help organisations improve their winning business capabilities in today’s climate.

Bid Specialists launch the Winning Business Intelligence Platform™


"Over the past decade, I have seen a number of challenges when it comes to winning business through formal tenders, bids and pursuits”, says Jorge Analuisa, Founder of Bid Specialists. "From resource constraints and inadequate internal processes, to poor return on investment and poor wellbeing of bid teams, the challenges can cost hugely if not addressed. The Winning Business Intelligence Platform has been designed with these challenges in mind, helping firms build and transform their winning business capabilities.” 

Behind the Winning Business Intelligence Platform sits a fully integrated business model built to leverage the best of people, processes and cutting-edge technology for winning private and public sector contracts. 
This scalable and future-proof platform is designed to unleash a winning mindset, discipline and agility to make sales capture, bid and proposal management less painful, and a truly productive, enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Jorge Analuisa adds: "Building the right winning business capabilities and robust processes, powered by cutting-edge technology, is an essential component to any business and can have a significant impact on long-term success and value creation. It could indeed be the differentiator between losers and winners in today’s competitive market environment.”

About Bid Specialists: We are a professional services firm specialising in helping organisations win private and public sector contracts, tenders, bids, proposals, and pursuits. We do this by transforming our clients’ winning business capabilities, solving challenges today to create sustainable growth and resilience for tomorrow. Bid Specialists also offer a Resourcing-as-a-Service (RaaS) platform that directly connects employers with hand-picked and high-performing Bid, Proposal and Capture Specialists. Visit Bid Specialists
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