Managed Service


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Bid Specialists to arrange a conference call/face-to-face meeting to discuss your specific requirements, job specs, etc. At this stage, we will agree a plan of actions and timescales. 


Find, assess and engage with the right candidates. This is provided by a dedicated Bid Specialist as part of our Resourcing-as-a-Service (RaaS).


Bid Specialists to conduct interviews, down-select, and provide the employer with the best three candidates to the final stage.


Employer to conduct the final interview (s) or tests, and select the best candidate, makes a job offer & signs an employment contract


Bid Specialists to support the employer with final checks on references, qualifications, logistics, etc. (if required). 


Employer to complete the hiring and on-boarding process, including clear performance objectives throughout the probation period and beyond.


Customer experience/feedback session + ongoing coaching and support offered to our placed/referred candidates (optional) to ensure high performance and set-up for a long -term career success.